David Melero Terrén

Upcoming projects

Assistant Editor Trainee on Charlie Chaplin, Searching for the Tramp (Theatrical Documentary) Directed by Carmen Chaplin and edited by Julia Juániz

VFX Editor (XReality Studios) on The Legend of Ochi (A24 Feature Film) Directed by Isaiah Saxon and edited by Paul Rogers

VFX Editor on Ancestral (Feature Film)

VFX Editor on Tierra Baja (Feature FIlm)

Assistant Editor on Mariana Hormiga (Short Film)

VFX Editor on Comandante Fritz (Feature Film)

VFX Editor (XReality Studios) on Dos Tumbas Season 1 (Netflix TV Mini Series)

Second Assistant Editor on Memento Mori Seasons 2 & 3 (Prime Video TV Series)

Completed projects

Assistant Editor on Scusa (Short Film)

2024: VFX Editor on Zorro Season 1 (Amazon MGM Studios TV Series)

2024: VFX Editor (XReality Studios) on Cristóbal Balenciaga Season 1 (Disney+ Original TV Mini Series)

2023: VFX Editor (XReality Studios) on Memento Mori Season 1 (Prime Video TV Series)

2023: VFX Editor (XReality Studios) on Los Artistas, primeros trazos Season 1 (Prime Video TV Series)

2023: VFX Editor on Culpa Mía (Prime Video Feature Film)

2023: VFX Editor on El olvido del mar (Documentary)

2023: VFX Assistant Editor on Montecristo Season 1 (ViX TV Series)

2023: VFX Assistant Editor on Awareness (Prime Video Feature Film)

2023: Editor on ¿Dónde estamos mamá? (Short Film)

2022: Editor on Matilde (Short Film)

2022: Editor on Croquetas (Short Film) Best Editing & Public Award on Desafío Buñuel

2022: Director and Editor on Bombas y Bombones (Music Video)