David Melero Terrén


1998: I was born in Zaragoza, Spain

2014: I started to study arts-related "bachilletato"

2016: I started to study an audiovisual related higher technician

2018: I moved to Madrid to study a bachelor's degree on cinema and film editing

2021: I back up to my village to "sharpen the saw" and know myself better

2022: I moved to Madrid again to finish my last year of college and I started my journey as an assistant editor trainee at the same time with the editor Julia Juániz

2023: I started to work six months as visual effects editor trainee in XReality Studios, then I started to work there as visual effects editor

2024: I started to work as second assistant editor on Memento Mori Seasons 2 & 3 (Prime Video TV Series)



2018 - 2023: Bachelor's Degree in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, Editing and Post Production, Escuela TAI (Madrid)

2016 - 2018: Higher Technician in Production of Audiovisual Projects and Shows, CPIFP Los Enlaces (Zaragoza)


2024: DIT & Data Wrangler Course in 709 Media Room with Juan Plaza

2024: Professional Colorist Course in 709 Media Room with Elena Humanes, Luis Ochoa and Diego Yhamá

2024: DaVinci Resolve Course in AMAE with Carlos Cañas

2023: “Senses + Brain = Reality” Seminar in ECAM with Walter Murch

2023: Shotgrid Course for VFX Production in Escape Studios and 2º Netflix Spain Post Production Summit 2023 with Alannah Belanger

2023: Advanced Avid Media Composer Course in AMAE with Gabriel Corbella

2023: Assistant Editor Course in AMAE with Carmen de Couto, Emilio Pittier and Álvaro Monzón

2022: Color Management & HDR Workshop in Netflix Post Production Summit 2022 with Victor Martí and Berta Coderch

2022: Assistant Editor Course in LENS with Carmen de Couto, César Herradura, Adriá Castell and Álvaro Monzón

2022: Feature Film Assistant Editor Immersion 1.0 in Master the Workflow with Richard Sanchez and Lawrence Jordan, ACE

2022: VFX Editor Workshop by Netflix powered by TEMPO in association with AMAE & AMMAC with Liyana Mansor and Lukas Lerch

2021: Editing the Series in Maine Media Workshops + College with Luis Zerón

2019: Film Editing Course Attendee in TAI's Film Editing and Post Production Master with Iván Aledo